Company profile
   Zhejiang FangQuan Automotive Fasteners Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer focus on fastener rivet nut development, production and sales. Our fasteners sell well all over the world by ”YILE” fasteners brand. Our company is located in Jiaxing Shendang Industrial park, covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters, with nearly 200 million fixed assets. Fangquan has a professional fastener technology development team, with existing wire drawing, cold forging, heat treatment, ,thread tapping, zinc plating and packaging production line. Fangquan is one of the largest fasteners production base in China with the most complete production facility. Our 2016 annual production is more than 30,000 tons. Our specialization, standardization and automation ensure the quality of each production process. Adhering to the philosophy of meeting customers’ needs, our company has 2 wire drawing production line, 22 sets of cold heading production equipment, 3 heat treatment production lines, 52 sets of thread tapping equipment, 8 electroplating production lines and 4 packaging production lines Fangquan’s main product are many series of rivet nut(from M3-M20 ) made of carbon steel or stainless steel, include open or closed end.

Chairman's speech
   Hello, I am the general manager of Zhejiang Fang automotive fasteners Co., Ltd., Fang Ruihai. With more than 20 years development, our products are hot selling in the global market by the brand of Yile Fastener. Fangquan is one of the largest rivet nut production base in China with the most complete production facility. Our company has a strong product development team and production capacity, our standardized and professional product line ensure our product quality and delivery. Fangquan Faith in "customer-centric, process-oriented" business principles to operate continuely. I firmly believe our company, Fangquan will become the rivet nut industrial leader in the future. Let’s strive together to realize our win-win cooperation. Let’s set out for wealth and dream!


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